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Waterfront Justice Project

Independent Sources - CUNY TV: Still Struggling (11/11/15)

The New York Times: Three Years After Sandy, Are Coastal Communities Safer? (10/28/15)

El Diario: “Nadie aquí ha superado la catástrofe" (10/28/15)

News12 Brooklyn: New map shows toxic spill areas in Brooklyn (4/13/15)

Inter Press Service: Erratic Weather Looms Above while Injustice Boils Below (2/18/13)

Huffington Post: Now Will Obama Break His Climate Silence? (1/8/13)

PBS News Hour: Industrial Residue From Receding Sandy Flood Waters Raise Concerns for Residents (12/10/12)

City Limits: Why the City's Flood Maps Got It Wrong? (12/4/12)

NRDC Blog: Hurricane Sandy's Disproportionate Impact on NYC's Most Vulnerable Communities (11/15/12)

New York Times: As Floods Recede, Superfund Neighborhoods Fear Contamination (11/13/12)

Huffington Post: Hurricane Sandy: Toxic Pollution, Low-Income Families In Direct Path Of Storm Surges (11/16/12)

New York Times: New York Is Lagging as Seas and Risks Rise, Critics Warn (9/10/12)

City Limits: Japan Tsunami, Katrina Memories Wash Into Waterfront Debate (4/13/11)

Streetsblog: Draft Plan for Waterfront Promises Greenways, Silent on Ferries (9/17/10)


Solid Waste & Waste Transfer Stations

News 12 Brooklyn: New map shows toxic spill areas in Brooklyn (4/3/15)

NY Environment: The Bronx is Breathing (2/20/15)

City Limits: Trash Fight is Sequel to Bloomberg Battle (10/21/14)

NY Environment: North Brooklyn: Fighting for Fairness in NYC's Trash War (10/16/14)

City Journal: Manhattan Transfer New York's waste-management plan is turning into a battle of the boroughs (6/4/14)

NY Environment Report: Neighborhoods Burdened by Processing City's Trash Look to New Sanitation Commissioner (4/15/14)

Village Voice: What We Talk About When Quinn Talks About "Environmental Racism" (6/3/13)

Capital New York: Now, Thompson raises off Quinn's 'environmental racism' comment (6/3/13)

Capital New York: On Delicate Issues, Bill Thompson Doesn't Presume to be Specific (6/3/13)

NY Daily News: Trash Fight Rages On Between Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson (6/3/13)

NY Post: Bill Thompson offended by 'environmental racism' charge he claims was made by Christine Quinn (6/1/13)

Wall Street Journal: Thompson, Quinn Recycle Trash Fight (5/31/13)

City Limits: Fiscal Woes, Long-Held Fears Spur Waste-to-Energy Debate (10/10/12)


Community Resiliency

BRIC TV: Environmental Justice in Central Brooklyn (4/27/16)

WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show: A New York City Earth Day Check-In (4/22/16)

NY1, Inside City Hall: Executive Director of NYC Environmental Justice Alliance Weighs in on City's Environmental Plan (4/21/16)

Manhattan Times: Ground Control (4/20/16)

Telesur Noticias: Alertan deficiencias en plan de NY contra el cambio climático (04/09/16)

City Limits: What Environmentalists Want to hear from Mayor de Blasio on Earth Day (4/15/16)

City Lab: Does the OneNYC Sustainability Plan Really Address Equity? (4/13/16)

Pavement Pieces: New Report Says Low-Income Communities of Color are not Prepared for Climate Change (4/5/16)

Politico New York: Environmental Justice Groups Deliver Critique of de Blasio Climate Plan (4/4/16)

Pix 11: Environmental Justice Alliance says de Blasio's OneNYC plan falls short in combating climate change (4/4/16)

NY Daily News: Critics blast de Blasio's flood protection plan for leaving low-income areas vulnerable (4/4/16)

El Diario: Critican plan para enfrentar el cambio climático en Nueva York (4/4/16)

Uptown Radio: City Struggling With Rising Sea Levels (03/04/16)
State of Politics: Left Launches Climate Change Push to Pressure Cuomo (12/16/15)
Crain's New York Business: The mayor must get tough with NYC's biggest energy guzzlers: its buildings (12/14/15)

Politico New York:  Progressive caucus pushes two energy policies (12/14/15)

Independent Sources - CUNY TV: Still Struggling (11/11/15)

The New York Times: Three Years After Sandy, Are Coastal Communities Safer? (10/28/15)

Capital NY: De Blasio plans more extensive feedback process for PlaNYC (2/26/15)

Gotham Gazette: The Climate Justice Mayor: How De Blasio Can Reduce Emissions and Create Good Jobs (1/30/15)

The Latin Post: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Introduces Sweeping Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions by 80 Percent by 2025 (9/23/14)

WBAI Pacifica Radio 99.5 FM: Sandy Regional Assembly Issues Report (7/25/13)

The Epoch Times: Sandy Regional Assembly Analyzes Bloomberg’s SIRR Report (7/23/13)

Colorlines: ‘Environmental Justice’ Soldiers On Without a King, Queen—or Major Dollars (4/23/13)

News 12 Long Island: Sandy Regional Assembly recommends grassroots Recovery Agenda (4/3/13)

Rooflines: Published by The National Housing Institute: Recovery from the Grassroots (4/3/13)

The New York World: Rebuilding from the ground up (4/2/13)

City Limits: A Grassroots Plan for Surviving Superstorms (4/1/13)

Gotham Gazette: Today’s Report: ‘Strategies for community-based resiliency in New York and New Jersey’ (4/1/13)


People's Climate March

NY1 Noticias: París Logra un Acuerdo Sobre El Clima (12/21/15)

Observer: The Latest People’s Climate Protest Fights For the Local as Much as the Global

EcoWatch: 150+ Events Across America Demand Bold Climate Action in Paris (10/14/15)

Huffington Post: Ripple Effect: The People's Climate March One Year Later (9/21/2015)

Huffington Post: From a March to a Movement: Mobilizing More Than Greens for Climate Action (8/17/15)

NYC-EJA Policy Director, Juan Camilo Osorio (En Español) Video: El debate sobre el cambio climático insta a los mandatarios a actuar (9/24/14)

The Latin Post: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Introduces Sweeping Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions by 80 Percent by 2025 (9/23/14)

New York Times:  Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets (9/21/14)

Op-Ed: Why We March: Stepping Forth for a Planet in Peril (9/15/14)

Earth Island Journal: In Review: Disruption (9/9/14)

Common Dreams: 'Disruption': Film Offers Grassroots Global Revolt as Key Answer to Climate Crisis (9/5/14)

Grist: At this year’s big climate rally, most of the people won’t be pale, male, and stale (7/30/14)

The Epoch Times: Coalition Brings Attention to September Climate Change March (7/30/14)

The Indypendent: Organizers Promise Big Turnout for People’s Climate March (7/30/14)

EcoWatch: People’s Climate March—Largest Climate March in World History—Launched in Times Square (7/30/14)

CommonDreams: Climate Justice Movement: Moment Is Now to 'Change Everything' (7/3/14)

Earth Island Journal: Lacing Up for Historic Climate Justice March (6/05/2014)


Energy and Jobs


Green Tech Media: Will REV Bring Big Changes to Energy Consumers in New York? (9/24/15)

Capitol Confidential: Praise For Power NY (8/4/11)

News LI: Senate Passes Landmark “Power NY” Legislation (6/23/11)

ReadMedia: Groups Praise Environmental Justice Protections in Power Plant Siting Legislation (6/22/11)


Charter Revision & Fair Share

City Limits: Call To The Charter To Do More (7/20/10)

City Limits: Charter Panel’s Narrow Scope Stirs Concerns (7/12/10)

City Limits: Term Limits & Land Use Top Charter Revision List (5/10/10)


NYC-EJA Public Testimonies and Press Statements 


Waterfront Justice Project



Solid Waste & Transfer Stations

Testimony to the City Council in Support of Intro. 495 to amend the administrative code of the City of New York in relation to reducing permitted capacity at putrescible and non-putrescible solid waste transfer stations in overburdened districts. (02/13/15)

Testimony to the City Council in support of Intro. 1170 to amend the administrative code of the City of New York in relation to reducing permitted capacity at putrescible and nonputrescible solid waste transfer stations in overburdened districts (10/25/13)


People's Climate March

Largest Global Call for Climate Action in History (07/21/14)

Wednesday: Rally at City Hall with Council Members Endorsing the March; Go Behind the Scenes with March Organizers at Final Mass Meeting (07/09/14)

Rally in Times Square this Wednesday to Launch the Largest Climate March in World History (08/11/14)


Community Resiliency

Testimony to the NYC Council Committees on Recovery and Resiliency & Environmental Protection at the Oversight Hearing on OneNYC, Review of the City’s Resiliency and Sustainability Plans (12/14/15)

Comments to the City of New York Action Plan Amendment 8 for Community Development Block Grant -- Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds, Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 (01/16/15)

Comments to the NY City Council on proposed legislation following recommendations of the Building Resiliency Task Force, and the Mayors’ Special Initiative on Rebuilding and Resiliency (09/03/13)

Sandy Regional Assembly SIRR Press Release (07/23/13)

Testimony to the NY City Council: “Oversight Hearing – Rebuilding After Sandy and Improving the Resiliency of the City’s Infrastructure” (06/27/13)

Testimony to the NY Council: Hearing on Hurricane Sandy after action report and recommendations (06/20/13)


Energy & Green Jobs

Comments to the NYS Public Service Commission on the Petition of Consolidated Edison
Company of New York, Inc. for Approval of Brooklyn/Queens Demand Management
Program (03/23/15)

Comments to the NYS Public Service Commission regarding the Con Edison Brooklyn ‐ Queens Demand Management program (12/04/14)

Letter of Support for On-Bill Recovery Legislation for the Green Jobs-Green NY Program (02/06/10)

C.U.R.E.’s Key Issues For Article X Reform (06/04/04)


Brownfield Redevelopment

NYC Brownfields and Community Revitalization Act: Brownfields LBCP Sign on Letter (03/10)


Charter Revision & Fair Share

Charter Revision & Environmental Justice: Fair Share and 197-a Reform

What happened to the fair share and 197-a sections of the Charter?

Fair Share Letter to Chair Goldstein  (05/17/10)




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